Hero - Scrapper
Claws - Regeneration
Starting Powers: Feral Flurry - Fast Healing
React: Before Mynx targets an attack, discard 1 card: The target may not increase his defense until after this attack.

Synapse found Mynx roaming the streets of Paragon. They formed a bond of trust from their mutual hatred of Crey and he has helped her gain control of her abilities.
Travel Power: Super Jump
Red Lightning
Sidekick - Defender
Fire Blast - Electrical Manipulation
React: After Red Lightning or an ally declares an attack, discard 1 card: Increase the damage of the attack by 1 (of each damage type).

Super charged and feisty, Red Lightning is always ready for a fight.
Travel Power: Super Jump
Inspiration: Break Free
Active Dodge
React: Play after this super is targeted by an attack: If this super has SuperJump, he gains a defense bonus against this attack equal to the number of powers he has in play.

When it comes to a falling Clockwork Paladin, even I get out of the way. -Statesman
Inspiration: Break Free